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Iowa Counties Information Technology Association GIS Data Repository

The Iowa Counties Information Technology Association has created the Iowa GIS Data Repository as a way for counties to store and share their geographic information with other counties, cities or the public. This may be especially useful for emergency management purposes. The data is stored on one server which is located in Marshall County and another server will soon be used in Sioux County. Counties can use the data repository as an alternative storage unit; some counties even use the repository as the only way to store their geographic data.

Below is a step by step user guide to help you and your agency get started. Here you will register to be a GISDR user, become a repository administrator and learn about the kind of data you will find on the GISDR.

Getting Started

Start at the homepage at and either click the Login at the top right or Access the GIS Data Repository, to create a new account

Register as a new user You will receive two email notices shortly after registering. One email will give you a link to login; the other will give you a random password for the first time you login. You may change your password after logging in. Follow email instructions to confirm and complete registration process

Become a Repository Administrator In order to upload your county data into the repository, you must have a repository administrator Scott Williams, the Marshall County IT Director and also the GISDR Site Administrator will grant the rights for your first Repository Administrator The first new user for your county will be given repository administrator rights; generally a department head You may have more than one administrator; all administrators will have the same rights. The first administrator will approve any other administrators As an administrator you will have rights to access any of your county restricted/limited data; uploading county data; granting/denying additional access requests; granting/denying uploading rights

To become an administrator After registering as a new user, login to the GISDR Once logged in, you will want to Access the GIS Data Repository

Choose which agency in which you belong to find the link to become an administrator

Next, you will either find the county or city that you belong to, or if you are not represented yet, click the link at the bottom of the county browsing page

Fill out the necessary information, read the Terms of Use and submit your request

Please allow a few days for your agency to be put into the system

Once you have a spot in the repository it will show up in the appropriate agency browsing page and you can click on your agency to get your data uploaded

Geographic Data Please only upload vector data Raster data takes up too much space PDF’s are okay to upload All data must be in .zip format All non-administrator users must request uploading rights Data Types Open: all users are allowed to browse and download

Limited/other: all users are allowed to browse, but must request additional access to download

Restricted: all users must request additional access to browse or download

How to upload data As an administrator, you will automatically have uploading privileges. When you log in, you will have a few icons in each data folder that will allow for data management. The blue plus allows you to upload data and the red ‘X’ is used to delete data.

If any user would like to upload data and are not administrators, they must request that right from you, the administrator

Additional Access/Uploading? Requests As an administrator you will grant or deny additional access requests to restricted or limited data; if your agency has more than one administrator, all of them will get this request. Also as an administrator you will grant or deny users to upload data into your agency repository; again, all administrators will get all requests

If you need assistance with the website or have further questions please contact me by email.

Lindsay Klesic mailto:lrklesic@…

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