ProjectArchitecture: CaseForHTTPS

Certain functions, such as UserNotification and DataSynchronization, will require processes to fire when data is uploaded. This can be difficult with FTP, usually requiring some sort of time based polling process to check for new files. Using an HTTP based method to upload data provides a built in mechanism to initiate any number of processes as soon as a file is uploaded. From a download standpoint, HTTPS allows us to more easily present virtual directory structures to the users based on permissions defined in a database.

Using HTTPS also provides an additional desirable feature, namely encryption, that would also be more difficult to implement with FTP. Secure FTP typically requires some sort of wrapper, such as SSH, to provide encryption. This would require users to implement special, more complex clients. Using HTTPS provides reliable encryption using standard tools, such as common web browsers, that will be much easier for users to implement, and for ICIT to support.

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